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COD-like - Season 2 - Updates Weekly

The 2nd installment of my COD-like series, the updates here are basically what MW2 did for MW, so you know how big of a deal it is xD

Course Lessons
Course contains 8 lessons.
Let's make our fps controller in 3 simple steps, including jumping this time!

Let's introduce back our shooting mechanics

Let's add bullet spray into our gun

Let's create a shake tool we can use not only to animate the camera procedurally but to animate our weapons without the need of actual animating them xD

Let's make the best and most flexible recoil system that exists, in 3 simple steps

Let's see how to actually make a proper sway without using inputs (like 99.99% of all the tutorials out there)

Let's add aiming down sights and Fx to our weapons for that full COD experience

Let's see how we can create generic tags that can be used to keep track of multiple values that aren't related to each other, for example ammo types