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2D Fighting Game Redux

This series covers how to make a 2D fighting game like the arcades of old. Everything from fight loops to a project structure / progression and character selection.

This series is a code analysis series, where we cover the code and how the concepts work rather than developing it "live".

Course Lessons
Course is complete and contains 6 lessons.
Everybody was 2D fighting... this is the intro for the series.

This part we will cover on what's involved in the structure of a main menu and the select character screen.

In this part we will work the controller for our fighters.

In this part we will build the AI for our opponents, plus a bit more modifications for our camera.

It's a fact of life that when you beat an opponent, there's another one to take it's place. Let's see how we can build that for our game as well!

In the final part we will rework how we add new characters in our game, plus making AI progression so each opponent will be more difficult than the one before him.