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UPDATE: I moved the old videos to a separate course to eliminate confusions,

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In this advanced series we will make a Souls-like game like no other! Hold on to your keyboards, sharpen your mouse clicks and prepare to code...

This series is a "from scratch" series. We will develop the entire game and write all scripts together in the video.


Course Lessons
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~Technically you can start from this part as well but we are not going to be diving deep into all of the state actions~ Let's rewrite our architecture

Let's move around with our new architecture

Let's create a third person camera using cinemachine and taking care of camera collisions

Let's see a new (and the correct) way to do root motion attacks

Let's give Cinemachine another shot for locking on, no pun intended

Now let's add our dynamic logic on the camera lock on

Let's put on some clothes

Let's load up some weapons

Let's create the framework for having modular actions per item

Let's load actions from weapons

Let's switch our locomotion animations for some new ones!

Let's put two hands where one also worked as well

Let's see how to work with animation events

As per request, let's change our combo system to be a bit more dynamic

Let's make our attacks a bit more interesting by allowing rotating before we land a hit

Let's fix some bugs and develop finding lockable targets

Let's rock and roll

Let's ground our players to the navmesh

Let's see how we can know if we are grounded or not while still utilising the navmesh

Let's make our combo syste more intuitive

let's fancy up the controller's fluidity

Let's simplify our controller

Let's bring back our weapon functionalities

Let's bring back clothing and the combos for our character

Let's set the framework for our database

From all the trial and errors we did so far, let's finalise the way our character is going to be moving

Let's create our own camera to have more control over

Let's fix our root motion issues and making sure the players can't climb steep walls

Let's lock and roll, all night long

Let's create some baddies

Let's see how we can have pathfinding while still retaining root motion and physics based movement

Let's create a framework for selecting AI actions based on a score and parameters

Let's see how we can use the simple framework we did to nest more actions with their own logic inside our base actions

Let's migrate to the new Input system

Let's spice up the enemy deaths

Let's add camera collisions to our controller

Let's add a framework to be able to interact and pick up items

Let's spice up what happens when you get hit #1

Let's make a reusable utility for all of our projects

Let's add sprint to our controller

Let's implement the dynamic icon maker from the MGS-like series

Let's add parry so they can git gud

What did Brutus said to Ceasar when he stabbed him?... Git gud scrub...

Let's throw some fireballs

Let's see how we can drink our bestus flask

Let's fix an error we have with the AI not playing it's animations properly

Let's create an advanced clothing system for our characters.

Let's clean up our code from scripts we are not using anymore and add damage triggers on our fists

Break on through, to the other side...

Let's make our dummy AI to be able to evade our attacks or spells

Let's add multiple weapons on ours hands and siwtch them around

Let's load correctly our actions

Let's make our quick slots to update properly

Let's create a schedule on how items create their icons in order

Let's bring back our stats

Let's make the framework for having fancy over time effects for our spells etc.

Let's fix a lockdown bug we have

Let's create a system that will allow us to navigate through UI elements without any hassle

Let's see how painlessly we can navigate through different menus with our setup

Let's effortlessly see how to replace our items from the inventory slots

Let's sync our profile to the item slots

Let's add back our two handed switch actions

Let's have uniquely instanced items with their own stats and use them on our Inventory

Let's add block to our character

Let's continue with our navigateables framework

Let's save our game state

Let's spice up our lock on

Let's develop further our lock on mechanics

Let's fancy up some of our attacks

Let's bring into flesh our very first enemy using ThatAnimator's animation pack!

Let's make the AI play conditional sequenced attacks

Let's add another baddie in our game

Let's add a boss baddie

Let's fix locking on to an enemy from behind a wall

Let's promote some of our enemies to bosses

Let's add new animations for both parry and backstab and tailor their logic

Let's fix our camera

Let's fix our weapon items being misplaced when using some actions

Let's add the interactions to bonfires

Let's polish our stabbing logics

Let's shape up our consumable items

Let's shape up our Inventory

Let's fix our roll logic and give it some invicibility frames

Let's wear stuff

Let's fix the rotation the AI does after being backstabbed

Let's fix our locomotion animations when locked on

Let's fix our consume item logic

Let's add some healing to the baddies

Let's bridge the gap between animation events and Unity events

Let's create a framework that will make it easier for us to tag attributes and calculate results based off stats

Let's add some footsies

Let's fix our movements

Let's break some barrels

Let's polish our roll damages

Let's take some things off our chest, literally

Let's stack some attacks into yet another combo

Who said Souls-like can't jump?

Let's start creating our levels, by script!

Let's polish a bit our game atmosphere

Let's fix our controller and polish it's movement

Let's fix our left hand combos

Let's fix our angle movement