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(NEW) Advanced Third Person Controller

Let's make a (new!) advanced third person controller that's going to serve as our playground for testing new features.

I strongly suggest that you give a watch to these two videos before you start this series :

Strategy Pattern in Unity

ScriptableObject Library


You can play a webGL demo HERE (might not always be up to date, check with the videos)

Course Lessons
Course contains 28 lessons.
Let's see what we're going to make

On the first part we are going to import our libraries for the Behavior Editor and the ScriptableObject Library

Onward and once more into the fray!

Let's see how are we going to handle our inputs and decoupled references

Let's add rotation to our controller

Let's see how to handle the logic for our camera rotation and following our player

Continuing from the last video, this is were we add the following parts. Also we are going to setup an action that's going to be responsible for updating our delta time

Let's stop sliding around

Let's enhance a bit how the animations look at the moment

Jump! -No affiliation with the Van Halen song

Let's make a check to see if we are on the ground

What goes up, most come down eventually, let's make sure it looks pretty when it does

More power to the animation!

Let's break the pattern a bit and force a condition to be able to transit to two different states, plus, root motion!

Life throws a waist-high obstacle in your way? Have you tried vaulting?

Vaulting harder

Let's fly a bit of the grounded for proper grounding reasons.

Let's see how to implement feet IK

Life is easier when you can just step on knee high obstacles.

Let's also add a walk down, jump down "vaulting"

Let's add an angle check and tailor our vaulting logic a bit

Let's enhance our movement part uno

Let's enhance our movement part duo

Last minute fix on our movement

Let's change our model and also add some fixes to our frame dependent rotations (making them independent)

Let's make an 180o degrees turn, while playing an animation. We need a better animation however... :(

Let's ensure are camera always follows our player smoothly and in whatever state the player is.

Let's fix our directional animation by hacking our own root rotation