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Space FPS

In space, a lot can hear you shoot...

Course Lessons
Course contains 19 lessons.
Let's make a controller to navigate space

Let's create our weapon framework

Let's fix our rotation issues and add recoil to our guns

Let's add bullets into the mix

Shoot Em All

Let's fix some issues with our gun and reorganize our logic

Let's spice up our controller by adding a dash ability and some effects to go with it

Let's spice up our gunplay

Let's setup our Multiplayer libraries and create our first room

Let's create our controller instances through our clients

Let's sunc our players across the network

Let's see how to send reliable messages through our server

Let's create an object pooler and spice up our fx

Let's shoot some players

Title is descriptive enough :D

So there is life after death

Let's decouple our Tilt rotation logic to each own keys and also sync that tilt across the network

Let's see how we can have different spawn positions through out our level and pass kill data through the network

Let's sync UI data across players and fix an issue with no initializing players