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Lennys (Lemmings Clone)

Let's remake the classic game Lemmings inside Unity.

You can also read my Gamasutra post about this course here

This series is a "from scratch" series. We will develop the entire game and write all scripts together in the video.

Course Lessons
Course is complete and contains 15 lessons.

In this part we would see how to setup our levels and the build a system to fake pixel perfect collisions.

In this part we will create the logic for our Lennys to be able to move around and find their way through the level with a very basic pathfind.

In this part we will wire our UI to actually work and see our first ability, the mighty stopper!

Continuing with our abilities, we will make our Lennys save them selves from danger by using an umbrella.

In this part we will see how to make our little Lennys do changes in the level.

We saw how to destroy, let's see how to build.

Let's create some fake liquid physics to better enhance our game, plus fill a few holes.

With all the latest abilities we introduced a few bugs, let's fix those and make our Lennys explode when they have to.

In this part we will build the base for creating a runtime level editor for the game.

In this part we are going to create the menus for the game while also see how we can save our previously made levels, load them and actually play them.

Let's take our Level Editor to the next level! To avoid the tedium of creating levels from scratch everytime, we are going to see how we can load a texture from an online source and use that. Plus, let's see how we can make a minimap with the systems already in place.

We have some unfinished business to do, so let's finish it! part 1.

In this part we are going to make a few changes so that we are able to use the Level Editor in WebGl

In the final part of this course, we are going to wrap things up adding the last details left.