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Tactical Turn Based Game

[Highly Requested] Let's make an alternate simplified version of our turn based game so we can narrow down problems (and fix them) that most of you had to face and solve them!

Course Lessons
Course contains 14 lessons.
Let's see how we can create grids that will house units that will not exist on only 1x1 tile by 2x2 etc.

Let's read the nodes per our different grids

Let's see how we handle pathfinding on multiple sized grids using flowmaps

Let's create the actual pathfinder per unit per grid scale

Let's actually move our units on to their path

Let's start reading obstacles from our level

Let's find out how we can add data progressively rather than from the start of our scene resolving in a more performant game.

Let's change our GetPath method to something less error prone

Let's add some animations to our units while also do some fancy things with root motion

Let's add one more dimension to our flow maps

Let's read our level for obstacles!

Let's step on a few corpses to get ahead

Let's fix some errors with reading our nodes and our grids

Let's improve our mouse logic code and make it more plug and play