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Using Unity

This is a collection of useful tips and tricks to make game development life easier when using Unity.

Course Lessons
Course contains 19 lessons.
Let's see how we can speed up development time by using my released Scriptable Object Library from github.

An example for using conditional event stacks, in this case it's for making our life easier when having to make a UI

The easy (and smart) way to update UI elements without having the trouble of writing any code

Let's write a script to easily find same type of assets in our project folders. This video is part of the HEAT series but it has purposes as a standalone as well.

An example case of using the strategy design pattern with scriptable objects inside Unity. You can get the scripts here https://github.com/sharpaccent/Strategy-Pattern-in-Unity

Let's create a lightweight state machine

A crash course on using Unity's animator and everything you need to know about Humanoids

Let's create a component based state machine

Let's make a reusable utility for all of our projects

Let's create an advanced clothing system for our characters.