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Substance Designer Breakdowns

Each lesson of this course covers the steps taken to create a procedural material. You can see high res renders of each material here: https://www.artstation.com/athosk

For this course you need Substance Designer, get it here :


Course Lessons
Course contains 10 lessons.
A medieval stone pavement.

A bit of Roman-esque mosaic floor.

Let's create a material that will allow create a seemingly endless amount of different ceiling designs.

Let's make a material with some construction bricks.

In this one we will create a weathered stone tile floor.

This is more a creative material rather than having a full on application, as the name suggests, let's make a fish pond.

In this two part lesson we will cover on how I did the muddy ground, plus how the logic for the procedural footsteps work.

Muddy ground continued.

In this part we will create a nice Autumn forest ground.

Another creative material, let's create a glass window that can also be lit.