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Retro Beat Em Up! - Season 1 - Updates Weekly

Put on your masks, we're going retro!
Did you ever wanted to know the ins and outs of beat em up classics like Double Dragon / Streets of Rage / TMNT in Time / Final Fight and a lot more?

Well now you can just by following my brand new course. Not only we are going to recreate a TMNT game from GBA and add a few modern touches to it, like fancy lights and shadows, we are going to see all the techniques involved like palette swapping / multplie players and if you like the course enough - online multiplayer as well.

Thumbnail art by CLRCRS

All rights and credits on the art go to the original artists, if you are a lawyer, TMNT is stupid and this is a parody, now go away and read this

The sprites i'm using are from here , all credits for the rips to the rippers.


BTW Rise of the TMNT is a good show!



Course Lessons
Course contains 20 lessons.
Let's setup our project, see how to handle our sprites and talk about our workflow

Let's start moving around with the navmesh

Let's see the workflow to clean up "raw" spritesheets into organized frames we can then use inside Unity

An addition from the previous video, let's see how to fix sprites with larger canvas sizes

Let's import our frames and have them animate

Let's make our animations play and attack, all with input

Let's make our units react on attacks

Let's start thinking with actions

Let's put the intelligence in the AI

Let's add combos to our player and then jump!

Let's add combos based on inputs and a lot more gameplay goodies

Let's get things vertically so we can work with our 2D tools

Let's add some variety on our sprites, the easy way!

Let's create our level phases

Let's fancy up our game with 2d lights!

Let's make tools to make it easier to debug our AI

Let's make our AI work with delegates over linear structure