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Shoot Em Up

Let's create a retro feeling shoot em up, the likes of Metal Slug / Cuphead / Contra / Strider and many others.

This series is aimed to beginners/intermediate users that want to take their skills a step further and get acquanted with advanced approaches on game development. 

Course Lessons
Course contains 7 lessons.
In this part we are simply going to add the basic components for our level

In this part we are going to get familiar with finite state machines and how can they be utilized to manage the scale of our project

In this part we are going to see how to handle inputs and move our player

Let's handle our 8 directional aiming

Let's create projectiles and see how to actually handling them without losing performance

Let's see how to use Cinemachine to cover our camera needs

Let's tailor our aiming more towards the design we are after