Action Points Turn Based Game

In this course we will cover the ins and outs of making an action point oriented turn based game. Inspired by the classics such as Jagged Alliance 2 (including 1.13).

This series is a "from scratch" series. We will develop the entire game and write all scripts together in the video.

Course Lessons
Course contains 6 lessons.
In the first part we will see how to create a grid and setup A* (aka A star) pathfinder.

In the second part we will continue modifying our grid while introducing our units and animations. Plus a bit of camera work

This part focuses on Serialization. In short, we are going to modify our level's grid and see how we can save/load it.

To make our life easier, we are going to build a system that will allow us to modify levels right in the editor and without having to be in Runtime mode. A huge time saver.

In this part we will develop the stats for our units that will also calculate their base action points and more.

In this part we are going to create a database that will host all the different settings each character is going to have, effectively giving character to our characters.