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 In this series we are going to make a Roguelite, complete with procedural dungeon generation, field of view and naked encounters.

Git for the Procedural Dungeon Generator 



We are going to be using:

Delaunay Triangulation library




Procedural dungeon generation based on concepts from


 Fov adaptation in C# (with extra touches) from



Course Lessons
Course contains 10 lessons.
In the first video we are going to talk about the high level architecture of our procedural generator.

In the first part we are going to create the first 4 steps of our generator. Creating the cells, clearing overlaps, picking the main ones and then triangulate between the main rooms.

In the second part we create a spanning tree off of our triangulation, clamp it to horizontal/vertical values to create paths and finish it by visualizing it in an orthographic view and an isometric one.

Let's move around in our generated dungeon.

To make things more challenging, let's obscure the vision of our unlucky hero.

Building on our omnidirectional view, let's add a stealth element into the mix so we are going to tweak our FOV to show more tiles towards the direction we are moving at.

Let's see how to manage our items and their instances.

It's dangerous to go alone and naked, let's put some clothes on our back and a trusty weapon.

Let's spice things up by adding an enemy or two

Let's add some hint of intelligence into our enemies