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In this advanced series we will make a 2D fencing game. 20% Nidhogg inspired , 80% the 1977's movie, 100% Awesome.

This series is a "from scratch" series. We will develop the entire game and write all scripts in the video.


You need this free asset to follow along:

Anima 2D



Course Lessons
Course contains 13 lessons.
Introductory video for the course.

In the first part we will cover how to work with Anima 2D which will give life to our characters!

A moving target is hard to hit! So™ in this part we will focus on creating the controller for our player.

True fact: In a fighting game you need to attack to win. So™ let's make our player be able to attack.

In this part we create the structure and categorize our character with a skeleton, a crucial step to take if we want to be able to customize our players.

We build the structure, now it's time to play dress up with our character

The dress up continues, also more weapons to choose from and getting to play with our newly dressed player.

Duel : a prearranged combat between two persons, fought with deadly weapons according to an accepted code of procedure, especially to settle a private quarrel. Well, let's add the second person

A duel without somebody getting hurt is a bit pacifistic for our taste. Let's change that.

Let's add an extra layer of polish to our game by adding particles and audio

Let's make a win loop/counter and create a system that will allow us to give our characters both specific and randomized expressions.

Let's give a small bit of gameplay depth by creating our very own "Press Key to Insult" button! Comes with an optimized way of storing insults too, fun stuff!

In this part we will create a main menu, manage our scenes and add more touches of polish for our game.