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Prepare for tactical espionage action! Psx-era style!

Course Lessons
Course contains 39 lessons.
Let's create our basic controller movement and animate our character

Let's make the quintessential feature of sticking on to a wall

Let's add crouch and prone states into our game

Let's get started with our enemy AI. At first we're just going to have them move around the level

Let's have our enemies chase us

Let's setup our weapons

Let's start shooting!

Let's make the enemy be able to shoot at us as well

Let's fix our issues with inverted keys when sticking on to a wall and some sliding

Let's create our freelook camera for the FPS feature of MGS

Let's polish a bit our different camera logics and the fix our bugs

Let's peak around corners

Let's make it so our AI looks more human and leave time for the player to react.

Let's hug some Nazis... to death!

Let's tailor our grabbings a little bit and create a framework for our items

Let's see how we can setup different camera states to get that retro MGS style look

Let's pick up some items!

Let's add the new Input System on to our game to handle controls from multiple sources without much effort

Let's make an fps camera with movement for when getting inside an air vent or under a tank etc.

Let's start giving a bit more intelligence to our AI, making them hear gunshots and searching positions

Let's make an AI that can spot corpses

Let's make a utility to make icons on the fly

Let's learn a few tricks of the trade

Let's create our UI and see how to navigate through it

Let's fix an issue we had with the camera when sticking on to a wall

Lawsuit pending...

Let's make our MGS-like inventory

Let's introduce the cardboard boxes

Let's manage scene transitions and how to handle our persistant data

Let's fix the issues that came up on our inventory

Let's add "empty" items for unequping

Let's fix our problem with the AI not detecting the cardboard box while in stationary position

Let's add footstep detection and trail spotting

Let's add more ways to alarm our AI and then reset it

Let's create our first big baddie

Let's find the trajectory of a boss trick shot