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About Us

SharpAccent is an experienced team dedicated in providing software services, commissions, freelancing and education. Our skills cover a wide range of topics in computer science such as game development, big data, analytics, SaaS applications, networking frameworks and more. If you have a project you want to discuss, please contact us.

Sharp Accent Tutorials

An ongoing project of providing free game development education in tutorial form on Youtube.

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Brucus Analytics

Brucus Analytics is a suite of tools that helps you increase your conversion rate in your website, provide support to your users and test your page designs by utilizing usage heatmaps, scrollmaps, user recordings, funnels and more...

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Search millions of SEC filings instantly, copy tables directly into Excel, create annotations and links and share them with your team, check insider stock ownership and many more...

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Bundes Fighter

A satirical 2D fighting game about the 2017 German federal elections. We provided the technical direction and gameplay development in association with CLRCRS for a third party commission. The game became an overnight success and was featured by various German online news outlets and TV stations.

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Sharpstance Tutorials

The little brother of our Sharp Accent YouTube channel, covering software for technical artists and more.

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Carnivore Land

Our first commercial game, published on Steam. A top-down twin stick shooter with multiple features such as single player campaign, loot and online, local and co-op multiplayer, based on our in-house network stack.

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