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The Chimps

Let's make a The Sims clone, because why not

Course Lessons
Course contains 39 lessons.
Let's see the basic rules for our level creation. Mostly how to handle the grid scales and where everything should be placed etc.

Let's see how grids work and how to create ours for our needs

Let's create the pathfinder for our S..Chimps

Let's see how to detect valid directions we can move to. *Video ends abruptley due to recorder failure but nothing important was lost

Let's create our pathfinding scheduler to handle a lot of units at the same time

Let's find our obstacles on our grid

Let's see what happens with dynamic obstacles however

Let's navigate through elevators/stairs to walk through our floors

Let's get into the more complex systems for interactions

Now we are cooking with scriptable objects

Let's shape up our code a little bit

Let's make our needy chimps

Let's make our chimps loop through their needs

Let's make instances of our interactions so we can stuck multiple ones of the same type

Let's make a radial menu for selecting interactions for our chimps

Let's have our chimps talk to each other

Let's make unique action encounters

Let's switch between Units and each one will have their interaction stacks

Let's give some motion to our lovely chimps

Let's go through our code and see what's working and what doesn't

Let's turn our A-star to having virtually no limits

Let's make our units avoid each other or if failing that, move them

Let's make our units interact with the world

Let's get dirty with our UI and start on the build mode

Let's add multiple floors to our game

Let's build, in more than one floor!

Let's add some new floor tiles on each floor we have

Let's fix the holes in our pathfinder and make it consider all directions

Let's lay down our floor tiles in a fill node pattern

Let's get all nodes in the outline of a square for wall placement

Let's place our walls down

Let's place some windows and doors to our walls then