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Sharp Force - 2D Run 'N' Gun Platformer

Lock 'n' Load! In this feature packed series we will cover how to make a 2D Run 'N' Gun platformer that has destructible environment, runtime level editor, multiplayer and enemy AI.

This series is a code analysis series, where we cover the code and how the concepts work rather than developing it "live".


For cosmetic purposes, the series uses the following assets:

Amplify Color

Amplify LUT

Amplify Bloom

Course Lessons
Course is complete and contains 12 lessons.
Let's see what we will cover in this series. In short: Level Editor / Destruction / Multiplayer/ Enemy AI / 2D Controller.

In the first part we will cover the structure for the entire project and how to make a manager that will hold persistent info through the entirety of the game.

Let's create the structure for our maps. How they are build, how they are saved and how they are going to be loaded.

We created the structure for our maps. Let's now make the interface and logic so users can make their own levels.

In this part we will cover all the data we need to save and serialize so we can load our levels.

We have our levels, let's make our player move! Plus the game loop.

Let's create the arsenal that can now destroy our beautiful levels. Plus, we will develop an object pool system that will optimize it.

Let's see how to make a lobby using Unity's own network libraries uNet. We well see how players can change their names, characters and join/quit sessions.

Let's see how we can stream custom made player levels over the network.

In this part we will cover how to sync players and their actions over the network.

Let's create a few enemies to shoot.

Let's sync the cannon fodder we made last part over the network.