Advanced Third Person Controller

In this series we will make a feature packed third person controller which can vault / climb slopes / adapt to elevations declines and we will finish it by adding Foot IK. 


This series is a code analysis series, where we cover the code and how the concepts work rather than developing it "live".

Course Lessons
Course is complete and contains 8 lessons.
In the first part we will learn the ins & outs of the animator and the mecanim system.

In the second part we will see how the setup for the controller works and of course, the camera.

In this part we will wrap the first version of the controller.

Let's create a system that will allow us to vault over objects dynamically without needing any prior setup.

With this part we will create a system so that we can move a step up on a ground that has a different height level than the one we are currently standing.

We've seen vault, now let's see how we can actually climb up a bigger object.

Let's see how a foot placement IK works and how to make ours.

Finishing up with this series we will add camera collisions so it doesn't clip through world geometry.